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Content Creation



College Town Culture

Amazon Prime Student

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Janejira Design
  • Market research on consumers, Google Ads, and competitors

  • Implementing a content calendar and scheduling tool for client to use to increase time efficiency

  • Developing an ads strategy based on past performance

Social Media Strategies

Centre Volunteers in Medicine
  • In preparation of a new event, I worked with Centre Volunteers in Medicine to increase awareness and donors for an upcoming blood drive.

Eagle Iron Works and Curtin Village
  • Objectives included increase visitors, donations and awareness of their historic site​

  • Created strategies that ranged from adding payment options and creating digital elements like a LinkTree and a QR code to coming up with unique events specific to the historical site.

  • Gave presentations and consulting advice to small businesses and local start-ups



  • Timeline: September - April

  • Increased followers on Instagram by 400+

  • Increased engagement rate on Instagram from 6% to over 22%

  • Increased website traffic to 236 clicks

  • Designed and posted over 100 posts

  • Created a Reel Contest Campaign among the agency that led to over 1,100 likes, 4,500 impressions, and 139 comments across 5 posts. This campaign includes its own personalized hashtag which had a reach of 907

College Town Culture

  • Timeline: January - November

  • Increased followers on Instagram by over 11,000 and on TikTok by over 1,000

  • Reached over 2.5 million views on Instagram Reels by creating targeted content for student and alumni audience

  • Recruited and coordinated with influencers such as Katie Feeney

  • Types of content I created included street interviews and product posts 

Centre Film Festival

  • Timeline: September - November

  • Increased followers on Instagram by 241

  • Over 42,000 impressions

  • Over 480 hashtag interactions

  • Attended and filmed the in-person film festival event spanning over 3 days, shared behind-the-scenes content, celebrated sponsors, created deliverables for the artists to share on their own social media to promote the festival

Relay Influence

  • Timeline: February - April

  • Increase following from 0 to over 400 across all channels

  • Built social media platforms from scratch and created 2 months of content that included the deliverables and copy.

  • Created over 30 posts that ranged from Reels/TikToks to graphics

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